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A Java applet is the central focus of this page.
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A version of this applet using Sun's Java plug-in is available here.


This applet is a prototype of agents racing against one another in a virtual world.

Click with button 1 to kill entire creatures and button 2 to partly dismember them.

Many variations are possible, if you play with the controls on the right hand side.

Interactive controls

The applet is interactive:

  • Creatures - controls the target number of objects;
  • Egg - controls the number of eggs;
  • Egg size - controls the sizes of the large hollow spheres;
  • Speed - controls the energy/temperature of the system;
  • Friction - controls how much damping is applied to the Agents;
  • Gravity - sets the magnitude of the gravitational force;
  • Show - configures how frequently the display is updated;
  • Delay - configures how much delay occurs between frame updates;
  • Step - allows a paused automata to be single-stepped;
  • Pause - allows the automata to be stopped and started;
  • Clear - completely blank all the universe's cells;
  • Restart - resets the system;


This applet can also be run as an application. Download this jar file (using shift-click) and double-click on it.

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