Extension modules

3rd party interface

In order to help others make use of the ATOMS code, we've created and documented a third party interface.

Javadoc documentation

Javadoc documentation for the interface is available.

Sample module

Essentially, you write a class called "Module".

Here is a sample Module class (as included in the source code distribution) which can be modified to suit.

The class is quite short. The effect of it is to create some rotating tetrahedra in three dimensions, and then explode some objects after a delay.

Online demonstration of sample module

You can see the results in action online in the form of a demonstration applet.

Download source code

You can easily download the source code for all this.

If you want to see when that was last updated, you should be able to get that information from the directory listing, where resides.


This interface is not finished.

You will be able to use it to do relatively simple things - but if you want the moon, you will probably either have to hack the rest of the code yourself, wait for a later release, or try whispering suggestions in the author's shell-like.

"No restrictions" licence

This code comes under the usual "no restrictions" licence.

Do what you like with it - but don't blame the author if things go wrong.

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