Crystal garden

Unfortunately, your browser does not support Java.
A Java applet is the central focus of this page.
You're encouraged to try again using a Java-aware browser.

A version of this applet using Sun's Java plug-in is available here.


This applet is intended to illustrate crystal growth processes.

Many variations are possible, if you play with the controls on the right hand side.

Interactive controls

The applet is interactive:

  • Size - controls the sizes of the particles;
  • Speed - controls the energy/temperature of the system;
  • Friction - controls how much damping is applied to the Agents;
  • Gravity - sets the magnitude of the gravitational force;
  • Show - configures how frequently the display is updated;
  • Delay - configures how much delay occurs between frame updates;
  • Eggs - controls the number of large particles;
  • Egg size - controls the size of the large particles;
  • Step - allows a paused automata to be single-stepped;
  • Pause - allows the automata to be stopped and started;
  • Clear - completely blank all the universe's cells;
  • Restart - resets the system;


This applet can also be run as an application. Download this jar file (using shift-click) and double-click on it.
Source code is available - with a "no-restrictions" license (somewhat like this). Download this zip file.

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